Goal: I am attempting to create an Intake Form on Infopath and publish it to an already existing SharePoint list as shown below:

Intake Form

As you can see, the first field is ID#, which I left the right row blank for now because I am trying to find an input type to pair it up with that will auto increment and create a unique ID# so each form submitted is unique.

As an example, Date of Request I set to Date Picker input. Region is a Drop-Down List that I populated with my own custom values. I want the ID# to be an input that generates a unique and auto incremented value for all my forms.

Here are the list of inputs/objects/containers:

List of Options

I am trying to find one that suits my needs for a unique value to be generated to be the form's ID number.

Is there one I can choose? If not, can someone advise on how to create one, using one of these existing options?

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