I'm using the JSLink feature to put some buttons at the top of a list view. A screenshot of the relevant code is posted below. It's working, but a few users have noted that the column names row disappeared. They should be right below the buttons (second screenshot), but don't appear at all. I used the F12 developer tools to inspect elements on the page, but couldn't find that row. I think it's because the JSLink script is overriding the header, and that row is part of the original header.

Is it possible to have a custom header AND the original column names on a list view?

Fig. 1 - the custom header code: enter image description here

Fig. 2 - the custom header seen on page: enter image description here

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Can you change your logic as below

(function () {    
    var requestCtx = {};
    requestCtx.Templates = {};
    requestCtx.Templates.Header = overrideHeader;



function overrideHeader(ctx) {
    var htmlTmp = RenderHeaderTemplate(ctx);        
    htmlTmp += "<a href='#'>Refresh</a>";

    return htmlTmp;     

I am using RenderHeaderTemplate to get the existing header template.

  • Thank you! I replaced 'RenderTableHeader' with 'RenderHeaderTemplate' and my column names are back where they should be.
    – Omegacron
    Commented Jul 13, 2017 at 21:52

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