Taking the case of a company which works on SharePoint since a while and have engineers trained to develop full-trust solutions. So, they develop full-trust solutions to add functionalities to its farm. Often, functionalities developed are not end-user, not read-only. The company also store sensitive data and they don't want to put their data on the cloud.

In this case, is there a real interest to trained engineers to add-in and SPFx in order to develop new solutions to replace their full-trust solutions ?

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It totally depend on the Company's decision whether to move to new SharePoint Add-ins and SharePoint Framework.


If you are really planning to move your farm solutions to SharePoint Add-ins and SharePoint Framework Add-ins then you must first go through following great content.

If you have extended your SharePoint environment by using farm solutions and you want to migrate your extensions to the SharePoint add-in model to make your transition to SharePoint Online easier, you need to transform your farm solutions to the SharePoint add-in model.

Transforming your farm solutions to the SharePoint add-in model involves analyzing your existing extensions, designing and developing your new add-in for SharePoint, and then testing and deploying your add-in in your production environment.

Full content : Transform farm solutions to the SharePoint add-in model

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