I am creating a wiki repository and for a specific section I would like to have a series. In the starting page of this series I would like to have a way to direct me to part 2 of the series, and similarly in part 2 I would like part 2 to be able to direct me back to part 1 but also to part 3 etc. I apologize if this seems unclear an example of my vision is this following SuperBowl1 link in which on the right hand side under all the stats there is an arrow that if clicked will direct you to the wiki page of SuperbBowl2.

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    Are you asking how to insert a link in a SharePoint Wiki page?
    – teylyn
    Jul 11, 2017 at 0:18

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You can create the links as Wiki Page links by typing them between a set of sqare brackets, or you can insert links via the ribbon command.

You'll need to do that on every page, manually linking to the desired pages.

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