I'm not looking for the GUID of my column - I have that. What I'm trying to access is the ff# Basically I created a custom Edit.aspx form for my list, and then afterwards I added a new field "Project". Now I need to add that Field to my Edit.aspx form, and all I need to know is the field ID - but I need it in the ff format. (See screenshot attached). I have tried adding the full GUID instead of the ffID but it's not working. Am I an idiot? FYI: I can't just create a new "Edit" form and get the ffID from that because I'm getting an error message on this list telling me "Could not save list changes to the server" Also I can't use PowerShell for this. Help? Sylv

SP Designer Code on custom form

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The ff number only relates to the form. It has nothing to do with the field itself.

If you want to add an additional field to your form just give it a distinct id number after the ff location. Just make sure you update it in all three spots (FormField id, FormField __designer:bind, and FieldDescription id).

  • That's exactly what I thought and tried doing and it wasn't working! Turns out I am a dummy. It was ONE last place I didn't see that I had to change the field name. Thank you!
    – Sylvie
    Jul 7, 2017 at 17:57
  • @Sylvie I've done the same thing. Three places to update the ff value and three places to update the FieldName. Glad it is working now!
    – Jordan
    Jul 7, 2017 at 18:36

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