In SP Online using designer workflow,I am trying to update a lookup column(with multiple values enabled) from another lookup column(with multiple values enabled).Both lookup columns are in different lists. I tried different ways but the update is not happening.

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From the below thread, I came to know that in SP Online,you cannot update a Lookup column with multiple value using workflow as this a bug. Is this true? Can someone confirm?



Using a 2010 workflow type and updating the Lookup column in 1;#;#2;#;#3 format resolved the issue.Looks like this is a bug in 2013 workflow type.

Update: In SharePoint Designer 2013 workflow,to update a Lookup column, you need to update the ID value of the looked up column,there are no formats to update Lookup column.Have to check if this works for Multi-select Lookup Column

In the below example, SOW# is a Lookup column and its updated using the ID columnenter image description here

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