I am working on a team site collection inside sharepoint on-premises 2013. and inside a team site i have two lists one named Assumption while the other named Risk Issuee.

now i want to set some alerts on items inside the 2 lists. so i did the following:-

  1. I went to Assumption list, select an item, select to set an alert for this item, as follow:-

enter image description here

and the email i received will be consistant with the alert subject as follow:-

Subject: An alert for 'Assumption: AP2' has been created
  1. while i went to the other list named Risk Issuee, and i set an alert for an item inside this list as follow:-

enter image description here

but the email subject i will receive will be as follow:-

Subject: An alert for 'RI3' has been created

so the list name it not is showing inside the email subject. now the correct email subject should be Subject: An alert for 'Risk Issue RI3' has been created so can anyone adivce what might be causing this problem ? why on some lists the Set alert email will contain the list name while on other lists it will not?

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