I have encountered an error on a new install of SharePoint in trying to resolve my Search Service issues.

  • APP1
  • WFE1/WFE2
  • SQL

I am getting the subject error. I have tried to recreate the cert on both WFEs. Could someone elaborate more on what's being discussed here:

Extended sharepoint site (SSL enabled) with https not accessible

I am confused about the FQDN, am I renaming my actual server from SP13-WFE1 to the FQDN I have for SharePoint? What about the other servers? Or am I just renaming the Subject on the cert, if so, how do I add two names as suggested?

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Ok so I tried everything on Google I could find.

  • Added SharePoint Service cert to the trusted store
  • Added SharePoint Service certs from all the WFE to CA Manage Trust
  • Tried removing SSL warnings via web.config on both WFE

The only thing that worked was changing the servers to their FQDN. What I realized is FQDN is not https://sharepoint.contoso.com it's...sp13-wfe1.consto.controller.svcs (or something like that). The NetBIOS name was SP13-WFE1. When I changed to the FQDN (via PowerShell on each respective server) and rebooted, it worked like a charm.

The command would be something like:

Rename-SPServer -Identity "sp13-wfe1" -Name "sp13-wfe1.contoso.controller.svcs"

Hopefully this helps!

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