Say my filepath is http://server/subsite/library/folder/file.png. If I need to get information about a file, I need to do the following:


Now the problem is I don't know which sections are the subsite(s), so I have to run the follow _vti_bin/webs.asmx/WebUrlFromPageUrl which will get me the web url. So for the above filepath it will return http://server/subsite and now I have the required context for the REST _api.

Is there an easier way of doing this? I'm relying on the REST api and the I know the asmx handlers are very old and deprecated. I don't mind doing two requests to get the information I want but is there a REST equivalent of _vti_bin/webs.asmx/WebUrlFromPageUrl?

Edit: I am calling the sharepoint rest api from an external service. It is not a sharepoint app.


One option you may test is the one described here:

  1. Start with a URL to a given SharePoint item. For example: http://site/web/doclib/myDocument.docx
  2. Remove the name of the specific resource from the end of the URL, so that the URL points to a document library, folder, or list. IN this case: http://site/web/doclib/
  3. Append the REST service pointer and the /contextinfo operator to the URL: http://site/web/doclib/_api/contextinfo
  4. Read the form digest and webFullUrl properties from the response.
  5. Append the REST service pointer _api to the web URL
  6. Use the resulting URL and the form digest to make requests for other resources you need.
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