I want that whenever a new item is added to my "Vacation Requests" list from powerapps, a new identifier should be generated in a text column called "RNO" and it should have format like : UserName_CreatedDate_CreatedTime. I created the calculated column called "Request Number" and in powerapps i added the following formula : Text(Concatenate(User().FullName,"_",Text(Created,"[$-en-US]mmddyy"),"_",Text(Created,"[$-en-US] hhmm") ) ).

I want that this value generated should be copied to the "RNO" field.The Request number is properly generated but the RNO field is not updated properly in SharePoint.

PowerApps Request Number: Kirtikulkarni_062917_1025 -- calculated PowerApps RNO: Kirtikulkarni_062917_1025 --Text SharePoint List RNO : KirtiKulkarni_

As you can see the datetimestamp is not updated. How can I achieve this ?

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