I am trying to develop an add-in for SharePoint Online that ensures all document libraries created get my company's base content type and the standard document content type gets removed.

I have the ListAdded remote event receiver working to do this task. I also have a WebProvisioned event receiver that will attach the listAdded event receiver to new sub-sites.

This now kinda works, however when the add-in gets removed it only removes the event receivers from the top level site and the event receivers in sub-sites get orphaned and can't be deleted. How can I loop through the sub-sites in the appuninstalling event?

I'd like to avoid having to install the add-in to every subsite.


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Figured my problem out. I needed to be adding the remote event receiver at the site collection level and not the web level, which I didn't think was possible with CSOM.

So I needed using this PNP example solution as a base, I needed to change cc.Web.EventReceivers to cc.Site.EventReceivers and also make sure the Addin had the correct access to the site collection.

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