I have two SharePoint accounts and I tried to open SharePoint designer by another account, and I switched account to my second account,

but the Issue is when I create workflows and publish it, from the information of workflow the last modified by gives me the first account?

How can I solve this to publish the workflow by second account?

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Switch account in Account Section is not mean you have signed in to SharePoint Designer site as a different user.

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To log in as a different user for Sharepoint Designer do the following

  1. Start SharePoint Designer as a Different User option, by holding the Shift key with right-click on the SharePoint Designer icon.

enter image description here

  1. Sometimes the above option is not worked with SharePoint Designer so try to do the following

    • Open Internet Explorer.
    • Open Tools menu and go to Internet Options.
    • Select the Security Tab.
    • Select the Intranet Zone (Or your affected zone if your SharePoint site is not in your Intranet)
    • Click the button for Custom Level.
    • Find “User Authentication” in the list.
    • Set this option to “Prompt for Username and Password”.
    • Open SharePoint Designer > open your site, you should prompt now to enter your second account credential.

    • Save and publish your workflow you should see the last modified user is the current login user.

enter image description here

I mentioned all details steps at SIGN IN AS DIFFERENT USER IN SHAREPOINT DESIGNER 2013

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