I tried to find "Edit page" option but could not find it.

Is it possible to add some .js file into a specific view?

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It looks like you are using the Modern Experience for your document library that does not allow javascript customization and CSS branding/theming.

You can vote for this request "Allow Javascript customization and CSS branding/theming in the new Document Library Experience" at UserVoice

The workaround

To can find Edit Page option and add a JS/ CSS customization you should switch back to Classic Experience as the following:

  • In your list or document library, choose Settings Settings icon and then List Settings or Library Settings.

enter image description here

  • Click Advanced settings and then scroll down to List experience.

enter image description here

  • Choose Classic experience option.

    • Classic experience

This option sets the experience to classic, which is the previous, older experience for document libraries.

  • Repeat these steps to change the experience for additional lists or document libraries.

For more details check Switch the default experience for lists or document libraries from new or classic

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