I have multiple sites that I'm receiving access requests for by not sure why. I'm curious, if there is no email specified in the Access Requests Settings, who gets those by default? Would it be all of the Site Collection admins, all of the Site Owners or the Primary Administrator (As defined at the Tenant level)?

Access Requests SPO

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It retrieves the Site Owner's email address via SPWeb.Site.Owner.Email if the access request email field is not filled in (or is the default value of '[email protected]').

  • OK, Is that the same User(s) as in the default Owners group? Jun 28, 2017 at 17:00
  • 1
    No, it is the value of msdn.microsoft.com/EN-US/library/office/…, which would generally be the Primary Site Collection Administrator when creating a new Site. The value is a single SPUser object.
    – user6024
    Jun 28, 2017 at 17:09
  • that makes sense, ty Jun 28, 2017 at 17:10

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