Since a security update some web parts don´t display as they used to. I know it is due to the parameter of XLS timeout which I can´t change. Nevermind, I tried to find another solution to display my list in a nice tabular form. I decided to create a customised view with infopath, then to add an infopath form on my website page and to link this web part to my list (displayed in a classical list webpart). Sadly, I cannot link anything. The "get form from" option is grayed out, "not compatible with any other web parts on this page". I don´t understand it because my list webpart is displayed allright (with a connection to another filter etc.)

I don´t know what to do anymore, please help me!!

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After finding no answer on internet and after making many tests, I found the answer! It is simply not possible to pass value to a form if the source webpart has filtered values. I decided to pass only one field (primary key of my list) and then to add rules inside my formular to auto-populate the cells. This was no easy thing (at least for me) but I finally achieved my goal. Hope this will be useful for other lost souls like me.

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