I have a SharePoint Workflow which is triggering email in its first stage. The issue I am facing is that although the workflow has already been cancelled it's still sending the notification email.

  • "Workflow email recipient is assigned" to Created By
  • "Send individually addressed notifications" is checked

Can anyone please help me to resolve the issue?

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When you send a due date mail in your workflow, there is timer job will do it. So, although you have cancelled the workflow , but the timer job is working continue. So, I suggest you after canceled the workflow, please stop the Notifications timer job and “Expiration Policy” timer job , then restart them.

You’d better remove your workflow after cancelled . Then deploy your workflow again. Then the mail will not still send.

  • Or else you can modify the expiration policy. any way redeploying the WF is the best way – DvG Jun 28 '17 at 11:04

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