I have decided to recreate MySite Web App with all the issues I am having. My question is:

Should I create it under some port like 1234 and use http://mysite/localhost/? Then extend it to my domain name I have in the DNS under port 443? Or simply configure it under 443 and the domain name?

Thanks, Robb

  • Most installations work fine with a separate WebApplication for MySites. I recommend to use same ApplicationPool-Account, as you do not have that much permission-trouble. Security-Freaks may disagree with this.
  • If possible, use your existing URL (like you already mentioned above: http://mysite). Avoid using non-standard-Ports (stay at 80 or 443). You save yourself lots of SingleSignOn and Kerberos-Issues
  • Deleting and recreating MySites is not all you have to do. You have some Properties in UserProfileService (PersonalSiteCapabilities, PersonalSiteInstantiationState, PictureURL) which must be reset to their defaults. Sometimes it is easier to recreate MySites and UserProfileService. That heavily depends on how much UPSA was customized.
  • Both very helpful answers - thanks! I marked MHeld because there was a little more info. Sorry Trevor for not being clear, re-reading it was a bit confusing. Basically I configured SP2013 before I had a FQDN and with all the issues I was having I wanted to recreate MySites. I ended up re-creating the farm using the FQDNs and standard ports and things are working like they should. – Robbeh Jun 29 '17 at 14:02

I'm not quite understanding what you're attempting to accomplish, but extending or using zones other than Default is discouraged. I would recommend you simply publish over https://mysite.company.com.

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