I'm using SharePoint 2010, I have created workflow.

  1. I want to copy one step from the workflow and paste it to some other place inside the workflow.

  2. I wnat to copy one step from the workflow and paste it to another workflow.

How can I do it?


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You can't, they need to be created from scratch. Other workflow tools give you the option to save snippets and copy actions, but SharePoint Designer does not.


You can edit the workflow.xoml and the workflow.xoml.rules files.

Perform These Steps:

1.) From SPD select Workflow and press "Export to Vsio"

2.) Goto Explorer and make a Backup copy of the exportet File (eg wf_name.vwi -> wf_name.vwi.bak)

3.) Rename the wf_name.vwi file to wf_name.vwi.zip

4.) Extract the Zip File

5.) You see the workflow.xoml and the workflow.xoml.rules file

6.) look at the seqence between the tag

7.) copy this Part to another Editor Window

8.) Replace all ID Nummber by new free numbers eg. ID3 -> ID503 (use capital Letter Option)

9.) paste the manipulated Part to into the original workflow.xoml where you want it to have.

10.) Do the same thing in the Rules file with this rules you have in the step. The tag is

11) Put the Files back to the ZIP and rename the ZIP back to vwi

12) Goto SPD and Press the "Import from VISIO Button.

13) If you got no error save and publish the Workflow

14) If you got errors search the error or import the original Workflow.


Franz Frühwirth


As PirateEric said you can't copy, but you can create you own workflow activity and use this activity in your workflow. see this link http://allthingssharepoint.wordpress.com/2011/02/21/custom-sharepoint-designer-activity/


When I want to copy a step in SPD 2010, I just click on the step's box so it gets highlighted (blue), then ctrl+c, click where I want to paste it and ctrl+v.

Works both within the same workflow and from a workflow to another...

  • What?? You can't do this. It is not possible.
    – bgmCoder
    Dec 11, 2015 at 23:26

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