I want to change the default forms for lists with CSOM C#, which is already working fine:

using (var ctx = new ClientContext(url))
    ctx.Credentials = new SharePointOnlineCredentials(Username, Password);

    List spList = ctx.Web.Lists.GetByTitle(list);

    spList.DefaultEditFormUrl = "_forms/EditForm2.aspx";

    var group = ctx.Web.AssociatedOwnerGroup;

    spList.AddPermissionLevelToGroup(group.Title, RoleType.Administrator);

However, even if I add permissions to the owner group, I can't manage to access the edit form after setting the new one this way


I found out what was the issue, it's not that permissions were removed from setting the URL, but that my user did not have permissions to access _forms/EditForm2.aspx.

If the file is instead located in Lists/list2/EditForm2.aspx, everything works just fine.

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