I was adding in a task field in effort to try and import data from a list, when somehow something was changed to where the approved/rejected button disappeared. I removed the fields I added but the buttons are still missing. I know that I should not use the OOTB SharePoint 2013 Task (I am trying to create a custom one to get away from this) but this is the way it was created and I am stuck frantically looking to solve this mess.

I have followed other posts but nothing has worked so far. Related question


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Found the root cause of this via a post HERE

Basically, you need to make sure "Task Outcome" is the last item in the column order. Once it is the last item, the approved/rejected buttons will appear. Column order


It is maybe also worthy to add that it is not just about making "Task Outcome" as a last column but also "Task Status" and "% Complete" should be not hidden.

So obvious SharePoint, so obvious.

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