How to move list items(+2500 items) from the original list to another list(Archive)? Any ideas appreciated.

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You have tree options to do:

Solution 1- Using content and structure page to move files with version and metadata:

Go to Site setting-->Click 'Content and Structure' link under Administration section Pick the items/files to be moved, Click on Actions >> Move Select the target list or library and click "OK" to complete move operation.

Solution 2- Move files between document libraries programmatically using Power Shell:

#For MOSS 2007 compatibility


Function global:Get-SPWeb($url)


  $site= New-Object Microsoft.SharePoint.SPSite($url)

        if($site -ne $null)




    return $web


#Get the web and List

 $Web = Get-SPWeb "<a class="vglnk" 
href="http://intranet.sharepoint.com/sites/Marketing/" rel="nofollow">

$SourceList = $web.Lists["Proposals"]

$TargetList = $Web.Lists["Proposal Archive 2009"]

#Get all Files Created in 2009

 $Query = '<Where><And><Geq><FieldRef Name="Created" /><Value 
IncludeTimeValue="TRUE" Type="DateTime">2009-01-01T00:00:00Z</Value></Geq>
<Leq><FieldRef Name="Created" /><Value IncludeTimeValue="TRUE" 

 $SPQuery = new-object Microsoft.SharePoint.SPQuery

 #$SPQuery.ViewAttributes = "Scope='Recursive'" #To include Sub-folders in 
the library

$SPQuery.Query = $Query

 $SourceFilesCollection =$SourceList.GetItems($SPQuery)

Write-host "Total number of files found: "$SourceFilesCollection.count

#Move each file to the destination folder

foreach($item in $SourceFilesCollection)


  #Get the Source File

  $file = $Web.GetFile($item.File.URL)

  #Get the Month value from the File crated date

  $MonthValue = $item.File.TimeCreated.ToString('MMMM')

  # Try to Get the Sub-Folder in the Library!

  $TargetFolder = $TargetList.ParentWeb.GetFolder($TargetList.RootFolder.Url 
+ "/" +$MonthValue);

  #If the folder doesn't exists, Create!

  if ($TargetFolder.Exists -eq $false)


     $TargetFolder = $TargetList.Folders.Add("", 
[Microsoft.SharePoint.SPFileSystemObjectType]::Folder, $MonthValue)



   #Move the File

   $file.MoveTo($TargetFolder.Url + "/" + $File.name)


Solution 3: Move files using SharePoint designer

• Open your site in SharePoint Designer

• Go to All Files >> Navigate to source library. Select files you want to copy/move, choose cut/copy

Go to your target library, Right click and choose "Paste"


SharePoint's Content and structure page includes a Move-tool which can be used with list items. By using Content and structure, you can multi-select items and perform them the same action at once.

To access Content and structure, go to Site settings > below Site Administration -category, open Content and structure.

  • The Move button is hide. Do you know why ?
    – Sai
    Commented Jun 21, 2017 at 16:17
  • @Sai it should look e.g. like this. Are you doing the same actions?
    – moe
    Commented Jun 21, 2017 at 16:32

You can use List back-up a template and later create a new list using this template. Goto List Settings -> Save this List as a template -> check Include Contents -> OK

now you can create a new list using this template. GoTo Site Contents -> Add an App -> Select your list template -> OK

enter image description here

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