I'm new in sharepoint. I work with Sharepoint 2010 and have this problem : when I install a solution, Although the package contains a feature (to update the ContentTypes). The feature is not listed in the site collection features

If something can tell me from what it caused I'll be grateful

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    It might be a hidden feature. Use the powershell cmdlt get-spfeature -Site http.//yoursitecollection | sort-object displayname Jun 21, 2017 at 10:20

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You need to verify whether your feature is Site level or Web level. If you want your feature should visible to Site Collection then it should be configured Site level while developing.

For surety please check following thing:

  • Go to Site Settings
  • Under Site Actions click on Manage site features
  • Check whether you locate your feature here

If you find your feature here, then you have developed Web level feature. So go to your solution, change it to Site level and deploy the solution again.

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