I want to use the SharePoint Diagnostic Studio 2010 in my dev. environment. But everytime I get the following error:

Microsoft SharePoint is not supported with version 4.0.30319.237 of the Microsoft .Net Runtime.

I installed also the .Net Framework 4.0 in this environment. How can I fix this problem? (Without uninstall .Net 4.0 ;-) )

Thank you in advance

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Not entirely sure about this one ,

But I always go

SharePoint 2010 Diagnostic Then .net 4 Then VS2010 when we build VMs for our Dev's assuming u need .net 4 for VS2010.

Looking at uninstalling .net 4 check here http://wellytonian.com/2011/07/quick-uninstallation-of-net-4/

Command line - clean and quiet uninstall.

U dont have to uninstall VS2010. Just take off .net do the Diagnostic install then put .net back in again.



SharePoint 2010 is built on .Net framework 3.5. So you face this issue.

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