I added the Contacts App to my site and synchronized it with my outlook. Now I want the pictures that are in Outlook to be displayed on Sharepoint.

The attachment field shows that there is a ContactPicture.jpg but does not show the actual picture. I then added a calculated column to display the image (as described here) and set it up as a number column.

Then I added this formula to the calculated column:

="<img src='https://domainname.sharepoint.com/sites/[site]/[subsite]/Lists/[listname]/Attachments/"&ID&"/ContactPicture.jpg' />"

But this just displays the IMG tag and source like this:

<img src='https://domainname.sharepoint.com/sites/[site]/[subsite]/Lists/[listname]/Attachments/1/ContactPicture.jpg' />

Is this method still usable or am I doing something wrong?

  • If you are on SharePoint online site then this solution won`t work. The HTML tags in calculated columns are not supported anymore. You need to find an alternate way to display. Commented Jun 19, 2017 at 15:30

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you're running into the recent effects of Microsoft's SharePoint calculated columns update.


The update took effect June 13.

JSLink may provide a workaround for you, but exactly how, I can't advise.

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