I have developed a high-trust provider hosted app using the MVC framework to display a series of employee-focused KPI data widgets. Everything has been highly successful until I began implemented the App Parts (formally web parts -- iFrame views of the remote web application, for the uninitiated). The problem is specifically related to the routing, as I am able to successful view the application via the default route of each controller (using MVC attribute routing).


  • Any action result specified in [Route("action=TheView")] is a success.
    • Elements.xml example:
      • Src="https://apps.domain.com/Dashboard/TheView/?{Standard Tokens}" is a success
      • Src="https://apps.domain.com/Dashboard/TheOtherView/?{Standard Tokens}" is a 404 The Resource can not be found
      • Both URLs are accessible via web browser. Even explicitly revisiting the URL found in the web traffic logs (w/ parameters) is successful outside the context of SharePoint.

I certainly hope there is just some glaring, fundamental misunderstanding about using attribute routing in this scenario that I am not considering. However, I have received no useful error messages and none of my troubleshooting efforts have been successful.

Any help would be much appreciated.

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You mentioned you are using attribute routing.

Are you by any chance using [HttpGet] attribute on your ActionResult?

SharePoint addin does a POST to your web application. So just remove [HttpGet] attribute and let MVC handle it or change it to [HttpPost] if it doesn't work.

  • Thank you. I knew it was some obvious oversight caused by tired eyes. I was apparently not paying too much attention to those web traffic logs. You're a champion
    – BJenkins
    Commented Jun 16, 2017 at 2:39

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