I have set following permissions for users on my site:

  • Site level: Read

  • Document Library Folder: Contribute

With this permission level if user tries to check in the document inside a folder where user has to contribute permission even if it gives

Access Denied Error

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Permission level Read excludes the permission for a setting called "Browse Directories", which would be built-in in the Contribute permission level, and higher. I think that Browse Directories is required to check in a document.

You could try to make a special permission level which includes the possibility to browse directories, and add it with the read-level permissions, and finally assign this permission level at site-level.

To read more about permissions and permission levels, see User permissions and permission levels.

  • Thats right. One should create custom permission level based on their organization needs. Let the default permissions levels (Read/View?Contribute etc.) as it is.
    – DvG
    Jun 15, 2017 at 12:37

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