In the following post is described how to start a workflow from a button defined in a calculated column: Can I add a start workflow link to a column in a list view?

Very good! But I experience the following problem:

the workflow only launches only if you double-click the button. A single click displays the Notification but does not start the workflow.

Is there anybody who got the same issue? Any solution?


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Does the double-click issue still happen if you're using the JSLink approach as opposed to the calculated field approach?

It should be easy to try the JS Link approach and test.

Per Microsoft's announcement yesterday it sounds like the calculated field solution (creating a button with a link) won't work going forward.

  • Hi, i did not try it yet.. Do you have a good post where this approach is described? Thanks!
    – 6erald
    Commented Jun 16, 2017 at 8:09

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