Here's the situation. I have a list & created a worke flow on it. The list has a Project Start Date & Due Dates. I need the work flow to run on or before the Project Start Date & then create a task off that list into another one. I have the generate a task part of the work flow working but I can't seem to get the work flow to kickoff on the Project Start Date that it needs to. I'm having to manually go in and run it. Any help appreciated! I have it setup to Wait for the Projet Start Date to equal Today but the work flow doesn't seem to recognize the days. I have the new sharemail point 2013 &2010. I couldn't upload a pic so here's the first stage of the workflow:

Set variable:projectstartdate to current item:project start date (this is the column from my list)

Then log this is the Project Start Date

Variable to the workflow history list

Then log this is the Recurring List Column: [%Current Item:Project Start Date%] to the workflow history list

Then wait for Project Start Date to equal Today (this is the thing that isn't working correctly)

Then set variable: DueDate to Current Item:Due Date (again,column from my list)

Then set variable:occurrence to Current Itme:Occurrence

Then set variable:ProjectStartDate to Current Item:Project Start Date (could this be the issue, the duplication of these two?)

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Functions like "Today" in SharePoint don't automatically calculate--they calculate whenever an item is modified. I.e., if a calculated field is using TODAY(), the moment a new record is created, the result will be always be that day until the next time that row is modified.

As for a solution, you're close to the workaround already. You'll need to change modify the record in some way every day, which will update the value of TODAY(). You can use a Loop with Condition while TODAY() does not equal Project Start Date, where Project Start Date = Project Start Date until TODAY() does equal Project Start Date. The point of constantly overwriting Project Start Date (any other field would work) is to force the row to be modified--once it does, TODAY() recalculates, and your "automatic" trigger would then execute the rest of your workflow.


You can simply achieve using 1 action you don`t have to assign to any workflow variable also.

  1. Add action "Pause until date"
  2. Set the pause date to current item "Project Start Date".

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