I need your help with set a permissions to a folder tree i created on SharePoint Online.

I created a new site, inside i create documents library which looks like:

  • folder1

    • subfolderA
    • subfolderB
  • folder2

    • subfolderC
    • subfolderD
  • folder3

    • subfolderE
    • subfolderF

I want to grant access to the site to all of my users but restrict them to view what they didn't need to view

For example: Marketing users need to enter the site but to show only folder2 and subfolderC.

I tried to share the FolderC directly from Sharepoint online, the user tried to enter the team site but it required a view permission to the whole site and now he can see FolderA


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Click on the folder then click on Share button, there you will find Share With and then click on ADVANCED --> I'll be inside the Folder Permission page --> stop Inherting Permissions enter image description here

enter image description here

enter image description here


Technically this is entirely possible.

In a nutshell:

  • You need to have a site-scope permissions which grants desired permissions for all of the users that should be accessible to the site
  • For your document library, you need to set unique permissions for each parent-folder (folder1, folder2, folder3), and again unique permissions for each subfolder (subfolderA, ... , subfolderF) according to their user group

You should pay attention when planning the document library, that the user scope must always be equal or smaller on a lower level (sub-level) when compared to the parent level. This means, that the users should always have a logically navigable path to the folders they are meant to access. E.g. if a user has an access to subfolderD, the user must also have an access to folder2.

I'd advice to refer to the Microsoft's documentation about setting subfolder permissions.

  1. Navigate to the site and library for which you want to create unique permissions on a subfolder.

  2. If necessary, create the subfolder and add a few files.

  3. On the subfolder name, do the following:

    a. Next to the subfolder name, click the Ellipsis…

    b. On the file popup window, click the Ellipsis…, and then click Shared With.

    c. To view the folder’s Permissions page, click Advanced.

  4. To remove permission inheritance for the folder, click Stop Inheriting Permissions.

  5. For existing users, edit the permissions of those in the current list by selecting the check boxes and clicking either Edit User Permissions or Remove User Permissions.

  6. For new users, click Grant Permissions and fill out the dialog box. Make sure you click Show options and select the appropriate permission level.


It's much easier to control user permissions to view content at the Document Library level than at the folder level. Create different document libraries for the confidential content and have a specific permission group for that (or those) level(s) of access.

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