I have a web part that displays documents and the icon based on their extension (for example Word document displays Word logo based on .docx). I am building a url to display the image

extension = "docx"
var iconLocation = hostUrl + "/_layouts/15/image/ic" + extension + ".png";

I have found through researching this topic that txt extensions need to end with .gif instead of .png. Is there a way to know for sure which icons are supported? I ran into an issue where displaying .png files didn't show a valid image but I am unable to find some sort of documentation that would tell me which files will be handled and how (.png or .gif ending, possible others?)

  • Where are you trying to find the icon for a document? The list item has a property which gives you an icon for each file. – Venkat Konjeti Jun 8 '17 at 16:57
  • It has not been uploaded to the list at that point – cooper Jun 8 '17 at 17:39

Below are the list icons for different files. This has been extracted from On-Premises server. But these are being used same for SharePoint online site also.

You can see a list of your file extensions and support icon images with extension.

enter image description here enter image description here


This is the code I use

function getIconUrl(extension, isLarge){

    var filename;

    extension = extension.toLowerCase();

        case 'pptx':
        case 'ppt':
        case 'docx':
        case 'doc':
        case 'xlsx':
        case 'xls':
        case 'pdf':

        case 'html':
        case 'htm':

        case 'zip':
        case 'aspx':
        case 'asp':



    return '/_layouts/images/'+((isLarge) ? "lg_" : "")+filename;

I guess we don't have txt files, but this should help you work it out.

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