I have a strange problem, I'm running Visual Studio 2017 on SharePoint 2013, the SharePoint 2013 template is displayed fine, but the SharePoint 2013 solution is not created!

enter image description here

I cannot detect anything wrong? Any idea how I can troubleshoot this problem?

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It looks like you have installed Office / SharePoint Template for Visual Studio 2017 properly.

Therefore, I think the issue "Can't create SharePoint 2013 solution in Visual Studio 2017" is not related Office / SharePoint Template,

So I suggest to do the following:

  • Make sure that you have opened Visual Studio 2017 as Administrator as I mentioned at This task requires the application to have elevated permissions

  • If the issue still persists, try to update your Visual Studio as the following:

    • Run Visual Studio 2017 Installer.
    • Check your Installed Edition.
    • Click on the Update button.

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