Here is a snip.

enter image description here

Does anyone know the recommended image size for the quick links so it looks good?

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The best image size should be 379px x 213px. This you can get it from the default link comes with Quick Links web part.

Create your images to render perfect for different aspect ratios.

The natural size is in the below image is recommended.

enter image description here


The OOTB picture size for Client Side Quick Link Web Part is 379px x 213px while the rendering canvas/surface size is 377px x 209px. See below:

Quick Link image size

Note: since the modern web part use Office Fabric for UI, which is responsive in nature, the above mentioned resolutions are majored on a full HD monitor. It may vary based on screen size. But I, guess if you maintain the aspect ratio, you image will display in proper manner.


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