I have a SharePoint Designer workflow in a SharePoint online environment. It calls an HTTP Web Service method. When testing locally, the web service took over 3 mins to return a result.

I am leaning towards a time-out issue here. Is there a time-out in SharePoint Designer/SharePoint Online for HTTP Web Service execution? If yes what is the limit? And is there any way around it?

Error can be found below:

Retrying last request. Next attempt scheduled after 09/06/2017 04:28. Details of last request: HTTP  to WebServiceLink Correlation Id:  Instance Id: 3a5c6db5-6445-4aff-8b0a-056fd32cda3e

System.Net.WebException: Exception encountered while processing the HTTP request. Exception details: 'HttpClient.SendAsync task was canceled. TraceActivityId=f1f51d35-6744-9e4f-99b1-50dc1db92dd4'.    at Microsoft.Workflow.Common.AsyncResult.End[TAsyncResult](IAsyncResult result)    at Microsoft.Activities.Hosting.HostedHttpExtension.HttpRequestWorkItem.HttpRequestWorkItemAsyncResult.End(IAsyncResult result, Int32& responseCode)    at Microsoft.Activities.Hosting.HostedHttpExtension.HttpRequestWorkItem.OnEndComplete(ScheduledWorkItemContext context, IAsyncResult result)

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