I'm trying to use the fabric List component in an spfx webpart. The code below was taken directly from https://dev.office.com/fabric#/components/list

return (
     <div >
      <div className='ms-ListItem is-unread is-selectable'>
      <span className='ms-ListItem-primaryText'>Title</span>
      <span className='ms-ListItem-tertiaryText'>Description</span>


The Title and description appear in exactly the same font. Is there something special I need to do to get the fabric css included in an spfx webpart?

I tried including


but it made no difference

  • Needed to include require('../../../node_modules/office-ui-fabric/dist/css/fabric.component..css');
    – RussGove
    Commented Jun 6, 2017 at 20:11
  • manually requiring the above broke the drop downs and some other components in my app. i ended up reverting that change, the css classes noted in my question are not included in the office ui fabric react css so they have no effect. i have no idea why. ended up using custom css.
    – RussGove
    Commented Jun 14, 2017 at 1:01

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What does F12 Network tab reveal?
Any Fabric trying to load?
And from what URI? (I think you will see a 404 here)

You can reference Fabric from the CDN:



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