In the following code, the "FirstOrDefault" function returns a SPlistItem; it is a valid item. However, the "ToList" function throws an exception of "System.NullReferenceException".

Why does FirstOrDefault return a item, that is part of the set I am looking for, but ToList throws an exception?

List<SPListItem> allRecords = get_All_Records();

IEnumerable<SPListItem> results = allRecords.Where(item=>item["key"].ToString() == "4993d76a-9ae4-492b-baab-a9a6e33a3661");

String temp = results.FirstOrDefault()["value"].ToString(); //This line gives one of the items that I am looking for.

List<SPListItem> subSet = results.ToList(); //This line throws exception.

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One of the items in allRecords is null. Because FirstOrDefault only accesses the first item, a valid item is returned. When ToList is called, it accesses all the record and the condition causes an error when it gets to the null record. The following is the solution:

IEnumerable<SPListItem> results = allRecords.Where(item=>
  item !=null && item["key"].ToString() == "4993d76a-9ae4-492b-baab-a9a6e33a3661");
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