I've had some problems with Distributed Cache with SharePoint 2013 which I think are resolved, however in the newsfeed section of MySites the following error is visible:

SharePoint returned the following error: The operation failed because the server could not access the distributed cache. Internal type name: Microsoft.Office.Server.Microfeed.MicrofeedException. Internal error code: 55. Contact your system administrator for help in resolving this problem.

I found the following article that explained that there could be something wrong with UPA permissions, but not sure how to perform the solution that's been explained in the article. It mentions:

Grant the UPA service account Full Control in the UPA Connect Permissions for User Profile Service.

So when the User Profile Service Application is selected > permissions, the farm account (running Timer Job) is already present with Full control. Is there something I've missed?

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One of the Service accounts needed to be added to the Admin section of the UPA.

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