When I export a custom list to excel, some of the data in one particular column does not show up.

I have a "comments history" column that is created by workflow. Whenever a user enters a new comment, the workflow adds the user's name as well as the date in front of the comment, and rolls up all of the comments on this particular list item into this new "comments history" column.

When I export to excel, the newest comment in this column does not show up on items with a lot of comments added.

For example:

[Doe, Jane 5/31/2017] -test 1

[Smith, Joe 5/30/2017] - test 2

[Doe, Jane 5/29/2017] - test 3

If I were to export this, "[Doe, Jane 5/31/2017] -test 1" would not show up in the excel spreadsheet, but the other two comments would. Any idea what may be causing this, or how to fix it? Thanks!


When you try to export an external list from SharePoint using Microsoft Excel, you can only export the latest version of the folder / file / List item from SharePoint Library in Excel. You can visit Microsoft article https://support.office.com/en-us/article/Export-an-external-list-to-Excel-fcbb5cdc-cf49-4131-8294-21bc25e66952 for more information about exporting an external list to Excel.

If you want to export all the SharePoint list items with full version stack and metadata, you can possibly use a third-party tool such as Vyapin’s Backup/Archive Tools for SharePoint & Office 365. It will export the content with versions and metadata in various file formats (CSV, XML and XLSX). All columns in the SharePoint Library such as “comments history” column created by workflow, custom columns and pre-defined columns can be exported using these tools.

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