I'm trying to get all the occurence generated by a recurrent event with CSOM and CAML query

So for example if the event "Test" happens every year from today I would like to get the following dates occurences:

1/6/2017 1/6/2018 1/6/2019 ....

My caml query is:

<FieldRef Name="Title" />
<Value Type='Text'>Test event</Value>
    <FieldRef Name="EventDate" />
    <FieldRef Name="EndDate" />
    <FieldRef Name="RecurrenceID" />
    <Value Type='DateTime'><Year/></Value>

        <ViewAttributes Scope="Recursive"/>
        <ViewAttributes Scope="RecursiveAll"/>

I see I can get the RecurrenceData xml. Maybe I could infer the events from the xml retrieved but it is not easy to interpret. Maybe there is a better way to gete the dates of each occurrence?

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You cannot retrieve it from SharePoint directly using CSOM. Instead you can use SOAP request.

To retrieve the same using CSOM, you can use the SPCalendarRecurrenceExpander package.

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