I want to get list item value in Workflow (add-ins) using REST API. I have used httpsend activity and in URI I have pasted the following:

http://.../_api/web/lists/getbytitle('abcListName')/items$filter=ID eq '1'

I can see that the URL is picking up the result, and that the response in stored in Dynamic Value Type tempDTT, but tempDTT is empty. I am unable to see the output.

  • are you saying you want to read REST api output in WF? are you using "Call HTTP web service" action in Workflow? – Akshay Randive May 31 '17 at 9:20

If you only want to get one item using his ID you can use the following URL:


This will result in only one item being returned. Your method will return a collection of items.

I find it hard to find the correct query to perform in SPD. It makes it easier to log the response dictionary as text to a multi line text field (for example in a custom list). Than you know the exact output and can define the correct query.

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