We use SharePoint 2010 and the site has about 51,000 items. It also gets about 65,000 views per week.

Every Monday I have to run reports on site usage, such as Top Pages etc. As you can imagine, with 65,000 views over 51,000 items it can be a real pain providing specific stats about specific pages.

My questions:

  • Is there a way for me to filter the results to narrow down the stats, as opposed to having to navigate multiple pages to find the stats I need?

  • If so, do I need 3rd party software to do this?


Yes, this is possible with SharePoint’s native functionality.

If you’re running weekly reports, I assume you’re already familiar with accessing the ribbon in the Site Web Analytics Reports pages. Follow these steps:

  1. Run your weekly Top Pages report as you normally do
  2. Within the ribbon, click on the Filter option
  3. A window appears with a Page URL Contains field
  4. Now enter a part of the URL that you know the page you need stats on has:

    • For example, let’s assume you need to provide stats on various policies you have on the site, such as Leave_Policy.aspx, Travel_Policy.pdf, IT_Policy.docx etc
    • You can then enter the word policy in the Page URL Contains field
  5. Click OK

  6. The Top Pages report will now filter by all content that contains the word policy in the URL. This works regardless of whether it’s a Wiki page, a MS Word document, a PDF, etc as long as the characters policy appear in the URL.

Now you can easily grab the stats for individual pages as you need.

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