We have one HNSC created in our SP2013 farm.Now we have a requirement to create separate web application created instead of this existing HNSC. Is there any step by step guide to convert the Existing HNSC to New separate web application?


Yes you can move a a Host Name Site Collection (HNSC) from one web application to another via Backup-SPSite and Restore-SPSite as the following:

  • Take a backup of your site collection via PowerShell Backup-SPSite -Identity <SiteCollectionGUIDorURL> -Path <BackupFile>
  • Crate a new web application,
  • Restore your site collection to the new web application. Restore-SPSite -Identity <SiteCollectionGUIDorURL> -Path <BackupFile>
  • Remove site collection from old web application based on your requirements.Remove-SPSite -Identity < Old SiteCollectionGUIDorURL> -Confirm:$false
  • Delete backup file.Remove-Item "<BackupFile>"

For more details check

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