I have created a new web application inside that I created MySite and configured User Profile Service. While accessing MySites, default placeholder is not loading.

I checked the layouts and images folder, Person Placeholder is there. The newly uploaded images are updated. I don't know why placeholder image is alone not loaded.

Please suggest me an idea to solve this issue.

enter image description here

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That could be a result that your previously uploaded Profile Picture was not successfully uploaded or removed somehow. You can try couple of things,

Hover to text Administrator (in your attached screenshot) and you should see "Change Your Photo" option there. Click that option and try to re-upload the image. That should show the most recent image you have uploaded after you are done.

Now find your Profile in User Profile Service > User Profiles and see if PictureURL still have the picture path.

Now run a crawl of User Profile Service and see if the image URL is replicated in AD property thumbnailphoto or not. If not, check if your User Profile Service account has "Replicate AD Changes" permissions on AD.

Hope that helps.

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