I have a document library with 2 folders, I tried to use the open with explorer I can see both folders , I can't find all the files in one of the folders! the folder empty

How can I copy all the files to my PC from document library ? !!


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I agree with @TARUN. Also, you should be aware of the List\Doc Library view threshold for SharePoint 2013 is 5000 items. for more details check Software boundaries and limits for SharePoint 2013

What's this mean?

First, let's define Threshold

Threshold: is a Configurable limit that can be exceeded to accommodate specific requirements.

There are three main ways to work with the List View Threshold:

  • For all versions of SharePoint, manage the number of items returned using indexing, filtering, folders, and offline data.

  • For Server versions of SharePoint, use an administrator scheduled Daily Time Window where limits are raised.

  • For Server versions of SharePoint, a network administrator can raise the limit of the List View Threshold.

For more details check Manage large lists and libraries in SharePoint

Regarding How can I copy all the files to my PC from document library? !!

I suggest checking a great free tool called SPFileZilla that may help. It allows for you to Browse site lists, document libraries, folders, and files. Download and upload files and folders, including support for nested folders hierarchies.

enter image description here

Once you download the tool, you will find a config file, Open it to set the row limit of your files that will be downloaded.


It is not recommended to exceed 2,000 items in a list level, and to use Explorer view to view large document libraries. Instead, you may choose to use All Document view, when open a SharePoint document library in Explorer view, placing the pointer over any of the enumerated files requests metadata for all of the files in the folder that you are browsing.

As in this scenario, it may be the large number of the documents that make the Explorer View not working, here is an article about “Tune Web Server performance(Office SharePoint Server)”, there are some points we need to pay attention to in “Train end-users to work with large files”, for more information, please refer to: http://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/library/cc298550(office.12).aspx

Document library Open with Explorer ; shows empty folder - SharePoint 2010

  • agree! but i want to copy all the files to my PC from document library , How? !!!
    – Aashirya
    May 24, 2017 at 10:22

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