I have a custom list to track audit NC closures. Due date, actual closure date, days overdue I want a field to calculate the number of days overdue the closure is. If I do a DATEDIF the formula will error where there is no date in the actual closure date column. How do I get it to calculate the days if there is no date? I.E I want it to look at (TODAY-due date) if there is no date in the actual closure date column...


You can use ISBLANK function with IF statement something like:

IF(ISBLANK(Today()-[Due Date]), "TRUE - DO THIS" "FALSE - OR THIS)

I answered something similar here

More information about ISBLANK here


In calculated columns, the functions [Today] and [Me] won`t work. You should create a column with value [Today] and use that column in your formula.

I haven`t tried this but you refer this article. It explains how we can replace Today in calculated column.

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