I recently created a new Document Library for our manager to manage and approve what goes on there by our content owner. I followed this document by Microsoft but unfortunately I don't receive any email notification nor there are any items in the Workflow Tasks list to approve.

What am I doing wrong?

Here's what I've done so far:

  1. Library Settings > Versioning
  2. Ticked Yes on "Content Approval".
  3. Ticked Create major and minor versions on "Document Version History"
  4. Ticked Yes on "Require Check out"
  5. Library Settings > Advanced Settings
  6. Ticked Yes on "Content Types". Now I have a "Document" content type.
  7. Ticked New experience on "List experience"
  8. Library Settings > Workflows
  9. Clicked on "Add a workflow"
  10. Selected Document from "Content Type" (instead of the default "This List")
  11. Selected *Approval - Sharepoint 2010 from "Workflow"
  12. Entered name "Submission Approval"
  13. Selected Tasks from "Task List"
  14. Selected Workflow History from "History List"
  15. Only "Allow this workflow to be manually started..." is ticked under "Start Options"
  16. Clicked Next
  17. Entered my company email (it's office 365 so it checked out)
  18. Selected One at a time for "Order"
  19. Ticked for "Expand Groups"
  20. I didn't enter a due date, however I selected a "Duration Per Task" and entered 5.
  21. Ticked "Enable Content Approval"
  22. Clicked Save

After that I submit a word document on that Library for publishing by selecting "Publish", hit ok and wait but nothing shows up in the Tasks list or email notification either.

Any help would be appreciated.

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Nvm, turns out I need to check "Creating a new item will start this workflow" for Start Options during "Add a workflow" creation process (obviously you can go back and edit it too).


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