SharePoint Online (O365): For a document library, how can I set the different retention period for each document?

For Example:

One document should be deleted after: Created + 1 year = Annually,
The second document should be deleted: after Created + 4 months = Quarterly,
The third document should be deleted: after Created + 1 month = Monthly.

Note: There is a field in document library name Retention Period with values Annually, quarterly and monthly.

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Information management policies work based on date fields. So you would need to date column that contains the document deletion date in your case. Here is one approach.

  1. Create a column in the library (or content type if available) called 'Deletion Date'

  2. Build a workflow that runs on item updated to calculate 'Deletion Date' based on your logic. The workflow would be a simple if else condition that checks the value of the column 'Retention Period' in your case and updates the 'Deletion Date' accordingly.

  3. Add a information management policy on the library or content type with a condition 'Deletion Date' + 0 Days and action as 'Move to Recycle Bin'. This option is available on content type settings as well as library settings.


You can do it through Content Type and Information Management Policy.

Here are the steps: Under List Setting for the Document Library - Click Information Management Policy enter image description here

You can have the content types for your document one, two and three (perhaps, invoice, contracts, customer and set the retention separately: enter image description here

Click the Content Type - My Custom Document and Enable Retention enter image description here

You can define retention and move to recycle bin enter image description here

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