I'am trying to setup multi-page app with angular, and i tried to follow the sample code and this link.

When i install angular-ui-router, by npm command : npm install angular-ui-router -s , i get an warning message, se pic : enter image description here

And on this link, you can find info about using it as scoped package.

In package.json, simply replace the old npm package with the scoped @uirouter package. For example, if you currently depend on angular-ui-router.

 "dependencies": {
"angular-ui-router": "latest",
"ui-router-visualizer": "latest",


replace the package name with the scoped @uirouter package:

 "dependencies": {
"@uirouter/angularjs": "latest",
"@uirouter/visualizer": "latest",


By doing what is described above, nothing happens, still same error: enter image description here

Googling dont help so much, there are not so many samples/tutorials to rellay on. Alot of the blogs and samples are old, and there no straight forward explanation on how to fix this issue.

Any suggestion how i can solve this issue?


Surprising that no one did answer on this issue......

Finally i managed to figure it out by my self. And the problem was that i installed @uirouter/angular without removing "angualr-ui-router" package.

When you get Warning message: enter image description here

Do not install @uirouter/angular before removing the "angular-ui-router" package by command: npm rm angular-ui-router --save

And then replace dependencies from:

"dependencies": { "angular-ui-router": "latest"


"dependencies": { "@uirouter/angularjs": "latest"

finally run command: npm install

-gulp clean --gulp build

These steps fixed the issue....

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