I created a page layout for the "Design Administration" in Site Settings, and it generates two files (.aspx and .html). I modify my .html with sections (div) but when I try to put a web part zone shows the following error: enter image description here

Then I try to do the changes in aspx file but show the following error: enter image description here

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You should not put server side tags directly onto .html design file. Yo should follow below steps to get the snippet for web part zone

  • Go to design manager -Click "Edit Page Layouts" from the links in left side of page
  • Click on your page layout.
  • Click on "Snippets" on top right corner of page
  • From the ribbon you should select the "Web part zone"
  • You will get the snippet from the "HTML snippet" box.
  • You can paste this into your html design template.
  • Save the file. it will create a zone.

Below are reference links for page layout which tell you how to use page layouts and snippets



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