I have a dropdown "product category" with Fill in option. But when I set validation on it as a mandatory field using javascript ie I check,

if (dropdown =="" || fillin=="")
    alert(required message)

but this doesn't works because even if focus from dropdown is taken away, its value is still stored in that dropdown so that creates a problem. can anyone suggest how do I resolve this focus issue?

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Solution I tried :

function PreSaveAction(){
prodCategory = document.getElementById('#your_id_of_dropdownchoice').value;
prodCategoryFillIn = document.getElementById('#your_id_of_fill-in_textbox').value;
prodCategoryRadio = document.getElementById('#your_id_of_dropdown_radiobutton').checked;
prodCategoryFillInRadio = document.getElementById('#your_id_of_fill-in_radiobutton').checked;

if((prodCategoryRadio==true && prodCategory =="")||(prodCategoryFillInRadio ==true && prodCategoryFillIn ==""))
{alert("your message"); return false;}

else return true;

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