I have created a page to show all subsites using below query for content search webpart

path:"https://Testonline.sharepoint.com/sites/Test_System/" path:"https://Testonline.sharepoint.com/sites/test/" contentclass:STS_Web Site<>{Site.URL} {SearchBoxQuery}

This was able to bring all the subsites from both site collections, But suddenly I am not able to figure out what happend that it is only showing sites from only one site collection.

What could be the exact issue with it?


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Few days ago I have done indexing to one of the site, So may be this was the issue that I have got sites from this site only.

So yesterday I indexed other site also and now this issue is fixed, now I can see the sub sites from both the sites.


I got to see the same behavior with one of my result source.

  • Make sure you haven't copy pasted these rules.
  • Try to add these rules again from the query builder.
  • Try changing position of these rules while adding

I would prefer to create a result source first and then use that in my search results. You can create a separate page for that result source as well.

Hope that helps.

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